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Internshape, a division of Indian Energy Skill Development Pvt Ltd, is an organisation devoted to the “creation of new generation professionals” with both employability (basic job skills) and deployability (skills to achieve outcomes in a business and organisational environment).

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The Explorer program enables a student to explore the various career options, areas of specialization, identifying the electives, and understanding the essential skill sets required for the career path of their choice. It is designed for students who want to explore various career options through the process of elimination.

(30 Effort Days)


The Practitioner program provides a simulated environment to prepare a person for a real internship. In this program, the person is given an opportunity to learn by doing a project in the chosen industry or domain. The objective of the program is to enable critical learning in the behavior, attitude, teamwork, and collaboration-skill areas.

(60 Effort Days)


The Professional program is designed to enhance the intern’s skills (both employability and deployability) in the real-world environment through a Live Industry Project. The intern gains soft skills of dealing with people at all levels, collaboration, feedback, and other skills like research, documentation, addressing ground issues, problem-solving, and change management.

(60-180 Effort Days)

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To be the organization of choice for the industry as well as the interns for enhancing deployability.


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Internships Open for 2021

Internshape has a structured program tailored for specific industries and the delivery of content is through a digital platform that is supported by a group of experienced Subject Matter Experts and practicing managers.


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