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Welcome to Internshape

Internshape provides the interns with options for simulated projects in the intern’s chosen industry and domain for select programs. These internships are digitally delivered through a structured methodology, duly assisted and guided by experienced coaches and subject matter experts.

Internshape has a unique model of the internship. For select programs, a Skill-Gap-Assessment (SGA) of the intern is carried out and based on the chosen industry and domain. The coaches guide the interns in selecting a project. This choice ensures learning opportunities as per the SGA and desired industry/domain. What’s more, the SGA gets re-assessed at the end of the program to measure the actual learning achieved.
Internshape, with its ‘Do-Learn’ philosophy, ensures the intern’s learning without imposing the intern on a busy or unwilling organization, thus saving valuable time for the interns without compromising the experts’ quality or quantity of inputs.
The project’s selection is based on its importance, utility, and relevance to the semester, year, and the academic stream of the intern.

Internshape offers 2 different Programs as under:

Alpha (30 Effort Days*)

This program's objective is for the intern to learn the basic skills of data collection, data validation, and assimilation. In carrying out the project, the intern has an opportunity to learn elementary planning, communication, and report writing skills. The above is done under the watchful eyes of experienced coaches provided by Internshape.

Practitioner (60 Effort Days*)

This program's objective is to get the intern to carry out a project as a simulation of the chosen industry. The learning objectives are critical learning in the behavior, attitude, team-work, and collaboration-skill areas. In addition to the above, Internshape provides individual inputs based on an SGA (Skills-Gap-Assessment) carried out for every intern.

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30 Effort Days

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60 Effort Days

  • Programme Type
  • Project Work
  • Counselling
  • Skill Gap Assessment
  • Mentor Support
  • Access to Subject Matter / Industry Experts
  • Evaluation Report
  • Access to Digital Library
  • Interview Trainning
  • Periodic Live Classes
  • Certificate
  • Interview Opportunities
  • Maximum completion duration from the date of the first session
  • 60-DAYS
  • 60 DAYS
  • With Recommendation
  • 120-DAYS
  • 100 DAYS


Internshape’s programs are not accredited by any Government agency nor approved by any Education or Industry Body or associations. All programs offered by Internshape are focused on enhancing your skills and making you employable to the best of our understanding. Internshape neither guarantees an internship in any other Company nor placement.