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Astronauts and Control Room Operators are no longer the only exclusive career paths in the space industry. It now covers a dizzying array of interesting sub-industries such as Space Law, Space Architecture, Space Medicine and Biotech, Space Mining, data engineering, product design, and so on.

It is our mission to bring comprehensive, useful knowledge of the space industry and its future to Young Indians at all stages of their academics and career. Explore more with Internshape's Space Explorer Program.

What Will Students Gain?

Student welcome kit with interactive learning items, space-science gizmos, & branded stationery.
Hands-on experiences such as rocket launches & CANSAT student satellite building, AR & VR technology Space exploration experiences. 
Technology demonstrations from Indian Space Start-ups. Facility visits (subject to availability).
Talks by industry experts and scientists, their inspiring career journeys, and awareness about the upcoming exciting opportunities in the privatized Space industry of the future.
Thorough knowledge about the past, present, and future of the Space industry in the Indian and Global context.
Student group projects and mini assessments. Certification upon completing all 10 sessions.

Program Benefits for Institutes

Portfolio enhancement of the school hosting a premier Space Program
Royalty earning per registered student
Increased brand value among competitive schools
Exclusive membership to 2-International Space organizations for registered students.
Co-branding, marketing, and promotion of school drawing more admissions
First mover's advantage; contributing to India's growing Space Industry

Learning Scope for Students

  • Greater insight into various domains and subdomains of the Space industry
  • Learn about the history, ongoing development, and upcoming technological milestones of space exploration


  • Space as a safe and stable career option
  • Go beyond conventional notions and learn about the wide range of open and inclusive career opportunities in the new Space age 


  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities of various sectors such as Mining, Architecture, Law, Biotech, Tourism, Engineering, and others in space
  • Distinctive knowledge of technological advancement, ongoing research, and developments, industrialization, and privatization in the Indian and global context

Course Curriculum

Pre Session Module 01
  • About Internshape
  • Founder's Note to Interns
  • Welcome note by CEO
  • About the Program
  • Do Learn Philosophy
  • Pre- Session Checklist
Live Section 1
  • Live Session 1
  • Live Session 2
  • Live Session 3
  • Overview of the space industry
  • Breaking myths about the space
  • Meet the experts
  • Space as an Apex Industry
  • Career opportunities
  • Valuable skills for employability
  • What is the space industry looking for?
  • Technologies that went from space industry to commercial consumption
  • Special and demanding conditions of space materials and design
  • Space industry spinoffs
  • Business opportunities in space
  • Technologies emerging from space- Quantum Computing and Block Chain
  • Interesting legal cases and precedents in space
  • Specializing in Space law
  • Potential future litigation in space
  • Medical representatives of space
  • Space medicine and pharma
  • Astronauts' hygeine
  • Space agriculture and Space biotech
  • Enviornments of outer space and efficient designs
  • Space station infrastructure
  • Colonization and habitats
  • Vehicles and infrastructure
  • India's past, present, and future in the space race
  • Civilizations in space, interplanetary and interstellar travel
  • Significant milestones and upcoming technological breakthroughs
  • Notable Institues and courses
  • Events, organizations, projects, memberships, accreditations, certifications.
  • Networking and soft skills
  • Streams and next steps
  • Revisiting - 'Space is for everyone'
  • Inspiring success stories from space
  • How to get a competitive edge, associations and memberships

Interactive Experiences

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Learn the subject fundamentals and do the project under the guidance of expert

Participate in interactive and engaging assignments

Complete the course content and the assessment to get your course completion certificate

Key Highlights of the Program

1-year access to the dashboard

Well structured curriculum
Well Space Industry Professionals as expert coaches

Self-paced learning materials

10 Live Sessions with coaches

Interactive activities & assignments
About the Instructor 

Mr. Chesler Thomas has co-authored 10+ research papers in the space sector. He won the Best Space Mission in 2011 during his training in the U.S. Space and Rocket Research Centre at Huntsville, Alabama. He also co-discovered a Provisional Asteroid out of 17 total worldwide discoveries in Pann-Starrs IASC 2017, being the only Indian team to discover a Provisional Asteroid. He has led his team to win Rank 2 in Singapore Space Challenge 2018 country-wise, was selected and trained by COSPAR with 35 other experts worldwide for capacity building in Nanosatellite technology in 2019, and was the youngest analyst to join Skyroot Aerospace, India's leading rocket company

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INR 11, 999/- INR 5999/- per student
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