About the Program

The Practitioner program provides a simulated environment to prepare a person for a real internship. In this program, the person is given an opportunity to learn by doing a project in the chosen industry or domain.

The objective of the program is to enable critical learning in the behaviour, attitude, teamwork, and collaboration-skill areas.

  • Program Type - 60 Days
  • Mode of Delivery - Online 
  • Eligibility - Beyond 2nd-year college students
  • Registration Fee - INR 599/- 
  • Program Fee - INR 5999/- (Excluding GST)
    - INR 2999/- (Excluding GST)- Limited time Offer
*Book our seat by paying INR 599/- This amount will be adjusted against your program fee.

Key Highlights of The Program

Simulated coach-assisted program

IQ and Personality Tests

Evaluation report

Certification on completion

Opportunity to learn Industry-relevant skills 


Aishwarya Singh

Practitioner Intern

I learned how to write an email professionally. During this internship, I also improved my communication skills which will help me communicate in the corporate field. So, that was a very good experience for me.

Avishkar Sharma

Practitioner Intern

In the current scenario, we all are facing so many problems about our studies, and some gap is held in our study because of the change in mode from offline to online. Internshape helps to fill this gap with interactive sessions and well-qualified mentors. Internshape helps in enhancing our skills and learning how things work in CGD networks. I would also like to thank Internshape for providing such a good opportunity to enhance my skills in this scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program prepares you to undertake the live internship project from the industry. The skills you acquire in Practitioner will make you successful in your real internship in a real work environment. The organization will notice your output and enhance your chance to get employed.

Expert coaches from renowned industries will be coaching.

The Practitioner program is preparing you for a real internship. You pay for getting trained to be a successful intern in a live industry project. However, when you enroll, you have an option of paying only the registration fee and paying the program fee only when you start earning. We don’t ask you to sign a bond or commitment letter to pay us later. We trust that you will pay once you start earning yourself.

Yes, you can do an online internship through Internshape.

Yes, where applicable, reference links will be provided. This program is designed to make the intern learn how to learn. Success in professional life depends on your ability to search and find material to enhance your learning. We do provide limited assistance in your quest for your learning.

Registration fee 599 + Program fee 5999

Yes, every person who does an internship with Internshape gets a certificate.

Our Programs

Internship Type 30 days effort 60 days effort Subject to Industry Partner Requirements
Project Type Exploratory Simulated Coach-Assisted Live
Project Work Individual Group Subject to Industry Partner Requirements
Coach-assisted Yes Yes Yes
Access to Digital Library Yes Yes Yes
Sessions with industry experts 1 Group Session Yes Yes
Evaluation Report Yes Yes Yes
Test Career Choice IQ, and Personality Test IQ, and Personality Test
Certificate Yes Yes Joint with Industry Partner
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Internshape’s programs are not accredited by any Government agency nor approved by any Education or Industry Body or associations. All programs offered by Internshape are focused on enhancing your skills and making you employable to the best of our understanding. Internshape neither guarantees an internship in any other Company nor placement.