About Us


A large section of India’s youth is struggling for suitable employment. According to India Skills Report 2021, more than 50% of the youth have not found suitable jobs as they are not job-ready. There is a gap between the industry requirements and the academic curriculum followed at educational institutions. Due to the fast-changing business environment, the industry has not been able to address this gap consistently. We, at Internshape aim to bridge this gap between the academic knowledge gained in educational institutions and the professional skills required in the job industry.


To be the organization of choice for the industry as well as the interns for enhancing deployability.


Redefining internships - Adding value to interns with respect

What do we do?

We work towards imparting necessary skills to students and making them job-ready. Students are provided with training and trending projects in their interest domains.  At Internshape, we work with students to develop structured programs that help them choose the right career and get placed in the industry of their choice.

How do we do?

We work in synergy with industry and academia. We impart skills to interns through 3 structured internship programs that will help them to be more employable. This is done with guidance and support from coaches and industry partners.

India’s best internship platform

  • Live coach-assisted program
  • Dynamic learning environment
  • Simulated as well as Live Projects
  • GD and interview practice session 
  • Mock interviews with our industry partners
  • Opportunity to get a job* after the internship
  • A place to explore the right career to prepare to achieve it!
  • Projects based on trending topics in the IT, BFSI, and Oil and Gas industries.
  • Assessment and recommendation report to identify strengths and improvement areas

Founder Speaks 

“The best way to learn is ‘Learning by Doing’. You get experience through an Internship. Internshape provides you the opportunity to find an internship in an organization that facilitates an environment where learning by doing happens systematically with proper mentorship. We ensure you have an industry expert, a subject-matter expert, a coach, and a buddy and you learn and you do.”

- Sanjay Kaul, Founder of Internshape

Management Team

Sanjay Kaul

Mission Commander 

Prerna Sharma 

Mission Director 

Vinayak Kaul

Mission Manager

Ruchi Dhar

Mission Team Builder  

Vishal Kaushik 

Mission Communicator 

Versha Rawat

Mission Trajectory Controller

Advisory Team

Dr. Ugur Guven

Aerospace Engineer (Ph.D., B.Sc.) and a Nuclear Engineer (M.S)

Ramesh Menon

Editor, Author, Journalist, Filmmaker, and Corporate Trainer

Sakti Mukherjee

Marshall Goldsmith Certified Leadership Coach | Growth & Turnaround Strategist, CEO of Procon Operating Partners

Santanil Dasgupta

Director Corporate Relations at BML Munjal University

Dr. Lakshmi Vaideeswaran

Analytics Consulting, Data Science, Manufacturing

Vikas Narula


Latika Tandon

Leadership Coach and Strategic Consultant to SMEs & Social Sector

Alka Madan

Corporate Relations, Brand Development

The people associated with Internshape are in their personal and individual professional capacity. These include the Promoter, Founder, Co-Founder, Consultant, Subject Matter Experts, Project Guides, Counsellors, Advisors. They may also be engaged with other organizations, institutes, companies, projects, Government bodies, etc. The organizations they are associated with now or in the past should not be assumed to be associated with Internshape nor any endorsements be assumed for Internshape offerings.