Frequently Asked Questions

Are internships paid ?

No. Internshape takes you through a process of working on a project which is relevant to the industry or domain you wish to start as your career with. Internshape invests in you by guiding you in making considered choices and also provides you with the professional skills required to become successful in your chosen career. The Internshape programs are paid fee-based Internship programs. We do have some promotional schemes, you may check with our Admission Counselors for the same.

Are internships important for placements?

Yes. At Internshape, the internship projects are designed to provide you with the professional skills that the industry looks for. Besides the professional skills many Colleges and Institutes give weightage to internship projects in the final evaluation of the students

Can internship be considered as work experience?

No. Internship is a learning experience. It provides an opportunity for you to learn some key skills required to function effectively in any organization. An internship makes it more meaningful by imparting the skills and following its Do-Learn philosophy, helping you practice the skills during the internship to make you more job-ready.

Can internships be done online?

Yes. You can do an online Internship through Internshape. The interaction with the coach can be through Video conferencing.

Can an internship be done full-time?

Internshape offers 30, 60 and 180-effort-days of internship programs. One effort day is assumed to be approximately 3 Hours of work. We also assume a month as 25 working days

Which students can do internship with Internshape?

The Internshape programs are designed in a way that anyone can do them at any time in their career. Engineering, Law, BBA, MBA, BCA and Business Graduates are supposed to do Internship program as part of their course. Specific requirements, if any, can be checked with the institutes.

When do internships begin?

You can join an Internshape internship at any stage of your academic course. Internshape offers programs for students of all streams and for all stages of your academic studies. Please speak to our councilors for further details

How does internship impact your learning?

In colleges and institutes you build your subject-matter knowledge. Internships are intended to provide you with an opportunity to apply your subject-matter knowledge in an environment that you will encounter in the real-world. This requires knowledge and practice of some key professional skills like planning, communication, team-work among others. Internshape has designed a methodology that creates opportunities through projects to enable learning these professional skills with the ‘Do-Learn’ philosophy.

Is internship compulsory?

It is your college / Institute that decides whether internship is compulsory or not. Internshape engages itself in developing the professional skills of the students using its Do-Learn philosophy. Read more about Internshape methodology on the program page.

Should internships be on Resumes?

Yes, the Freshers put their experiences and learning on their resume.

What internship should I apply for?

Internshape has designed its programs for students of different streams and for different stages of their chosen stream. There are three programs Alpha (30-day effort), Plus (60-day effort) and Accelerator (180-day effort) that are available. The three programs are aimed at students in the earlier, mid and advanced part of their academic pursuit. Please talk to Internshape councellors to get an appropriate fitment in a suitable program.

Internship when to apply?

You can go for the internship in between your Graduation, post Graduation or after completion of your course to improve your employability.

How does a virtual internship work?

A virtual internship allows you to do your internship project from anywhere. The meetings, knowledge sharing, interactive sessions and evaluation are carried out using video conferencing and shared cloud-storage.

Do we have to pay for internship?

Yes. Admission to Internshape is subject to payment of the applicable fees

Is it on-line or off-line?

The internshape program is completely on-line. However, based on the choice of project (in the 180-effort program) you may have to make visits and have meetings to complete your projects. You may also be required to visit an organization if you are involved in an industry-sponsored project.

Will I get industrial or field exposure?

You might get a field or industrial exposure if you are doing the Accelerator program if your chosen project requires such exposure

Does Internshape provide placement services?

Internshape is committed to providing at least 1 interview opportunity to the Accelerator program interns. Internshape does not guarantee placement.

Will I get certificate on Completion?

Yes. Every person who does Internship with Internshape gets a certificate. Besides a certificate, Internship also provides recommendations to every intern for improvement areas identified during the internship. However, this must be noted that Internshape Certificate of Internship Project are not recognized by any government body, education institute or industry forum.

Can I get a refund if I do not wish to continue with the internship ?

You are advised to evaluate the program for suitability before making the payment. Please use the free services of our admission counselors for this evaluation. For refund rules please read the Terms and Conditions

Is Internshape government recognized?

No, Internshape is a private organization that is not recognized by any Government Body or any Education Institution or any Industry Forum.

I am preparing for government jobs , do I need to enroll in Internshape?

Internshape is engaged in developing the professional skills of students. These skills are required in any job government or private without any difference.

Can I choose a project?

The choice of project is governed by the academic status and skill-gap-analysis carried out for every intern at Internshape. The project can be chosen in consultation with coaches and subject-matter experts. The choice available gets wider and more industry and domain specific as we move from ‘Career Alpha’ to ‘Career Plus’ to ‘Career Accelerator’ programs.

Will I get a dedicated mentor or training will be in batches?

Internshape is committed to building professional skills in every intern in all our programs. We carry out Skill-Gap-Assessments (SGA) for every intern and we provide specific inputs based on the SGA. Our interaction with the interns includes individual sessions as well as group sessions. Both types of sessions are required as team-work, conflict resolution, inter-personal communication skills can only be delivered and tested in teams and groups.

Through which company I will get the project?

Internshape is committed to proving specific professional skills to every intern. The projects are designed in a way that the intern gets opportunities to learn and use these professional skills. Internshape has retained experienced Coaches and Subject Matter Experts from different industries to ensure proper guidance to the interns at various stages on the internship.

In the Accelerator program some of the projects may require meetings with or visits to certain establishments. The coaches arrange for the same as and when required. For the Accelerator Program, Internshape gives an industry or domain specific project and ensures that you work in an environment that is a judicious mix of real and virtual world. This mix gets you individual attention from the best of SMEs from the industry / domain without being subjected to delays and waste of time that normally accompanies such meetings.

In the certificate are you mentioning the SME name or project name?

The certificate contains the name of the project. The Project Report and Evaluation sheet contains the name and remarks of the Subject Matter Expert.

What I will get after completion of the internship from you?

You get a certificate and also a report showing you the areas of Improvement. Apart from this you carry your project report with you and also learn many skills and tools which will be useful to you when you join a job.

If your questions are not answered here, please contact us