About Us

Internshape is a division of IESD Pvt Ltd. It is an organization devoted to the “creation of new generation professionals” with both employability (basic job skills) and deployability (skills to achieve outcomes in a business and organizational environment).
Internshape offers internship services that are backed by highly experienced professionals and acclaimed achievers from various industries and the field of higher education.
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Our Vision

Our Mission

Internshape History

Internshape has been created by the IESD group, which founded and successfully established India's first energy, infrastructure transportation university, which has successfully placed over 16000 UG & PG students.

Internshape Vision

To be the organisation of choice for the industry as well as the interns for enhancing deployability.

Internshape Mission

  • To create and maintain an industry-relevant and future-oriented curriculum on a digital platform.
  • To deliver professional skills to the interns seeking enhanced deployability and productivity.

The Leadership Team

Our Board of Advisors


The people associated with Internshape are in their personal and individual professional capacity. These include the Promotor, Founder, Co-Founder, Consultant, Subject Matter Experts, Project Guides, Counsellors, Advisors. They may also be engaged with other organizations, institutes, companies, projects, Government bodies, etc. The organizations they are associated with now or in the past should not be assumed to be associated with Internshape or any endorsements should be assumed for Internshape offerings.